Welcome to Glennie Gymnastics

Glennie Gymnastics provides a range of recreational gymnastics programs in Sutton Hall (near the Aquatic Centre on Vacy St).  We strive to provide a fun and supportive environment and applaud the efforts of all who work towards achieving their own personal goals.  

Children don't have to be a student at Glennie and there are classes for girls and boys of all age levels. Each gymnast develops their skills at their own pace within a Gymnastics group.  Our classes are arranged by age level. 

Most importantly, gymnastics is fun!


Gymnastics is for everyone, enriching their lives through the gym sports.


To promote and develop participation in gymnastics through the provision of great programs and friendly qualified staff.  


  • Identify and respond to the needs of girls and boys in gym sports.
  • Develop an efficient network of coaches to deliver the service.
  • Provide programs that fulfil the needs of the recreational gymnasts.