Prep to year 6 boys

Our Boys class covers foundation gymnastics skills, team work and individual achievement and provides opportunities to move to more advanced skills when ready. The groups in this program target each stage of ability through the use of gymnastic drills and skills,games and group activities, challenges, strength and conditioning.

Our boys class is full of fun challenges and great mateship to last a lifetime.

Our boys have opportunities to display and compete in TeamGym events each year.

Check out the FAQ's below for more info about our boys classes. 

Boys FAQ's

My son has no gymnastics experience - should we still book in? 


We absolutely believe that gymnastics is for everybody - so please come along! No experience is necessary to join our classes.

Can my child participate in TeamGym events whilst in the Boys class? 

Yes!! We invite our Boys to be a part of any displays that we perform - such as at the Glennie Fair, and compete at our annual Carey Cup.