Junior Girls

Year 4 to 6 girls

Our Junior Girls program covers foundation gymnastics skills, team work and individual achievement and provides opportunity to move to more advanced skills when ready. The groups in this program target each stage of ability through the use of gymnastic drills and skills,games and group activities, challenges, strength and conditioning.

Our Junior Girls have many opportunities to perform and compete in TeamGym events each year.

Check out the FAQ's for more info about our Junior Girls classes. 

Junior Girls FAQ's

How long does my child stay in the Junior Girls program? 

Are there levels or assessment days in the Junior Girls program? 

The Junior Girls do have assessment days during each term but there are no 'levels' to move through. The Junior Girls program is a follow on from the GymSkills program and both follow the same curriculum which is skill based and is written in 'stages'. This doesn't mean that the gymnasts move up through stages, rather we group gymnasts with similar abilities and social skills to move the whole group together through the skill progressions.

At the end of each term Junior Girls participants will receive a certificate with some of their focus skills and achievements of the term.

Can my child participate in TeamGym events whilst in the Junior Girls class? 

Yes!! We invite our Junior Girls to be a part of any displays that we perform - such as at the Glennie Fair, and compete at our annual Carey Cup.

We also invite Junior Girls to compete at any TeamGym competitions that we are attending.

Junior Girls is typically where the most TeamGym members come from!

My daughter has no gymnastics experience - should we still book in? 

We absolutely believe that gymnastics is for everybody - so please come along! No experience is necessary to join our classes.

We group the girls in appropriate ability levels and social stages to help everyone make some friends and enjoy their time in our gym.

My daughter does not attend The Glennie School, can she do gymnatsics at Glennie?

Our Gymnastics club is open to the entire Toowoomba region, so yes please come along. You do not need to be a Glennie Student to do gymnastics at Glennie.