Crawlers to Kindy age boys and girls

Our Kindergym program is for parents and little ones to grow, learn and play together.

It is for both boys and girls and focuses on developing co-ordination and gross and fine motor skills. KinderGym is also an environment that stimulates imagination and exploration.

Our class structure involves three short group times where all the parents, children and teachers are together for a group activity (warm up, group time, and cool down) and there are two longer sections where parents and children can freely explore the activities that are set up throughout the gym.

Check out the FAQ's below for more info about our KinderGym classes. 

KinderGym FAQ's

Can we come for a trial class first

Yes we would love for you to come and try KinderGym before committing to a term.
A trial lesson will cost $11 and is payable on the day of class

What should we wear for Kindergym? 

Parents can wear any clothing is comfortable to move in. Shoes and socks totally optional!

Children need to have bare feet for the class so they can feel all of the textures within our gym. Do you know how much input your little one is gaining through the 7000 nerve endings in their feet? WOW!

Children need to be dressed in clothes that are comfortable and easy to move about in - and have all nappies and underwear covered with an outer layer of clothing (eg rompers or shorts).

What is the parent's role during KinderGym? 

The role of parents during KinderGym is to interact and engage with your child so they can experience as much learning and fun as they can! KinderGym is a great time for parent and child bonding through exploration and play. Parents should stay within an arm's reach of their child at all times for safety. 

What age children can come to KinderGym? 

KinderGym is open to all children up to and including Kindy age. We run mixed age classes to suit the many parents who come with multiple children - but our activities and equipment suits a diverse age range. The coaches can assist you to tailor activities to suit each individual child, they love helping out!

Crawlers are welcome to come however they will benefit more once they are toddling.

Can I bring more than one child to KinderGym? 

Kindergym is designed as a 'one adult' to 'one child' class. If you are able to bring one adult for each participating child this is preferred. However - we realise this can be difficult for parents with several young ones.

For families who can only bring one parent with multiple children please read this guide:

Babies can be in prams or capsules (near our seating area), in a carrier or held in arms through the KinderGym class. whilst you interact, engage and play with your older child.

Crawlers - once your youngest one is on the move, they are considered to be 'participaing' in the class and need to be kept within arms length of you at all times for safety. This means you and all your participating children need to move through our gym as a family unit.

For families with multiple children who are closer in age, this is where turn taking, sharing and patience can be put into practice. The children need to be within arms reach of the parent at all times for safety.

The coaches are also there to help - and can give you some more tips and tricks to manage fast runners!

The most important thing with multiple children at KinderGym is that you are trying to stay together as best as you can.

How is KinderGym structured? 

All of our KinderGym classes follow the same structure each week:

Warm up - a welcome song and one or two to action songs to engage the brain and body ready to explore and learn. 

Free Play - parents and children can explore the gym together and find all the activities set out to play with.

Group time - all parents, children and teachers come together on the floor and do an activity as a group. This is the teaching time for the week's focus concepts.

Guided Discovery - parents and children have another opportunity to explore the gym together, and can apply the skills learnt at group time.

Cool down - all parents, children and teachers come together on the floor for the final time to sing goodbye and listen to any announcements. The children receive a sticker and then everyone goes home for a well earned rest!

What if my child doesn't want to participate in the group times? 

We realise it can be difficult for some under 5's to fully focus during group times. We do expect all parents to consistently model participation, to encourage the children to join in and follow your lead. If you child is not interested in the activities - that's absolutely fine, have them sit with you in the group and watch, as watching is still learning! We cannot have any children exploring the gym while group times are on, as this is both distracting to others, and a safety issue. Just sit with everyone else in the group and have a cuddle and a watch together.

We also know that some children just want to get up and run!! Try and anticipate the escape attempt, but if they manage to leave the group - just go and collect them and bring them back to the group immediately.

We know parents try to avoid tantrums at all costs, but if it happens, that's ok - tantrums don't last forever, and it won't be long before they can go back out to explore.

What if my child needs more than what's offered at KinderGym? 

We have a rewards program within KinderGym called Movement Explorers. This is most suited to older children or those who like to work towards goals. It is a great lead up to school programs and GymFun. 

Can I take photos of my child during KinderGym? 

Absolutely! Just be sure to not have other children or adults in the photos without their permission. Also be mindful to enjoy the precious moments with your child - a photo here and there is fantastic but we want you to explore, play and learn together. 

My child may become hungry during the lesson - can I feed them? 

Of course! If you have snacks or water for your child and they need something during the lesson go ahead - they are burning lots of energy in the gym! Just please move over to the seating area to avoid food spillage on the equipment. 

Can I breastfeed during KinderGym? 

We are huge advocates for feeding however and whenever your little one needs so please feel free to breastfeed or bottle feed whenever you like. You may be more comfortable at the seating area just so you aren't run into by little ones who are exploring the equipment. 

Can we dress up for theme days? 

YES! We want to see your creative outfits!! Home-made costumes are great! However it is not compulsory to dress up.

Please ensure your outfits comply with our clothing policy (bare feet for children and be mindful of accessories for safety).