This Nationally recognized Gym For All program is open to gymnasts from various after-school programs. Through competitions and displays, TeamGym aims to promote team work, gymnastics skills, performance, artistry and creativity. Teams are based on ability level and can be mixed age and gender.

TeamGym is an absolute favourite here at Glennie - come and join the fun!

What exactly is TeamGym?

TeamGym is a gymsport designed for absolutely everybody! 

It is a gymnastics competition that involves competing in teams and is all about sportsmanship and fun.

Teams are nominated into divisions (novice, intermediate, advanced) based on the skills that the participants are capable of. Each division has set skills that are required but can be performed as creatively as teams like.

Teams can be mixed age and mixed gender.

There are 3 apparatus to compete on:

Mini trampoline - gymnasts compete both in a pair (synchronized) and on their own to music.

Tumbling - gymnasts compete on their own their best tumbling skills down the tumble track all to music

Floor - teams compete a creative choreographed piece with plenty of balances, acro skills, tumbling skills and dance elements. This is the most exciting event of all 3!

TeamGym is judged similarly to how typical men's and women's gymnastics is judged, but allows for a competency style of awards. All teams will be awarded either gold, silver or bronze depending on their scores. No teams are up against each other - everyone is just competing and performing because they love it!

What TeamGym events are available for my child? 

For all our afterschool classes:
We offer display opportunities when they become available, such as the Glennie Fair. 

We offer friendly and fun TeamGym competition called Carey Cup held right here at Glennie. This is a no-pressure competition full of music, dancing, teamwork and fun. We encourage as many of our afterschool gymnastics to participate! 

For GymSkills, Junior Girls and Senior Girls only:
We offer competitions at Local,  State and National levels. throughout the year. These events require an extra class a week for about a term before the event to prepare excellent choreographed routines.